Pastor Robert Jacobsen - February 14, 2021

Genesis 2:1-3 The Creator's Rest

              The Creator’s Rest   I. The First Sabbath No evening and morning Not declared good, but Holy God Rested…   II. The Sabbath Command to God’s Covenant People Israel To rest and give thanks for Creation (Ex.20:8-11) To rest and give thanks for Redemption (Duet. 5:12-15) Sabbath Challenges in the time of Christ III. Implications and Applications for Christians A. Cultivate Holiness and avoid legalism. B. Principles to consider The New Testament goes above and beyond the OT Rest and Remember Look ahead to a true Sabbath to come Heb. 4:9,10 Enjoy the gathering of God’s People  Heb. 10:25 By enjoying freedom from Labor (Physical) . By enjoying freedom from Works (Spiritual)

From Series: "All Sermons"


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