Pastor Robert Jacobsen - April 25, 2016

First Peter - Living in the In Between time

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I. Because you have been saved by Christ’s precious blood, Be Holy  A. You have a great and precious Salvation A Living Hope (1:3) An Inheritance that is imperishable (1:4) We are kept by the Power of God (1:5) We are being refined (1:7) Our Souls are being Saved (1:9) We have a Gospel that Angels long to look into (1:12) We have a great hope (1:13) We have been redeemed (1:18) We are born again (1:23)   B. Be Holy in our Mind, our Hopes and Living (1:13-15) II. Because Christ is the Precious cornerstone, Orient your life around Him A. You are being built into a spiritual House (2:4-5) B. You are now a chosen people, a Royal  priesthood, A holy Nation (2:9-12)   III. Because Christ Suffered for you, Live for God,  even if it means suffering. (4:12-14)

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