Pastor Robert Jacobsen - July 6, 2015

Habakkuk - The Just shall Live by Faith

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Habakkuk – The Just shall live by Faith The Setting of the Book of Habakkuk Northern Kingdom of Israel had been conquered by Assyria…Babylonians were on the Rise…Injustice was rampant in Judah. An Outline of the Book of Habakkuk A Call for Justice… LORD help! Do Something! (1:1-4) An Answer to Amaze – The Lord will use the Ruthless Babylonians (1:5-11) A Question to Ponder – How can God use the more wicked to punish the less wicked? (1:12-2:1) A Revelation to be Declared – Judgment is coming to Judah, and the Chaldeans (2:2-2:20) A Prayer that will be Answered – In Wrath God will remember Mercy (3:1-16) A Song to Be Sung – I will rejoice in the Lord, no matter what (3:17-19) Lessons to Apply from Habakkuk Just because we are more righteous than the next guy, doesn’t mean we are off the hook. (1:12,13) The proud rely upon themselves, the righteous rely on God. (2:4) There is guidance and strength and hope and joy even in the worst of circumstances. (3:17-19)

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