Pastor Robert Jacobsen - June 15, 2015

Micah - The Courtroom of God

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INTRODUCTION – (BRIEF HISTORY OF ISRAEL BC) Israel gets a king – Saul (1025 BC) , then David (1003 BC), then Solomon (970 BC) The kingdom is Divided – 10 tribes in the north (Israel), 2 in the South (Judah) (931BC) The northern kingdom, with no righteous kings is destroyed by the Assyrians (722 BC) Jerusalem is Destroyed (586 BC) and the Southern kingdom of Judah is Exiled in Return of the Exiles in (538 BC)   The Defendants – The People of God (1:2-5) The Charges Idolatry (1:7) Coveting, Theft (2:1-3) Oppression (6:11-12)                                                                                                The Co-conspirators (3:9-11) The Rulers The Priests The Prophets The Evidence - Everywhere The Defense (6:6-7) The Verdict The Sentence  

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