Luke Herrin - August 20, 2013

The Prayer the Jesus Prayed

The Prayer the Jesus Prayed

A) Text commentary 1) Glory of suffering (1) 2) Authority of Jesus (2) 3) What is eternal life? (3) 4) Accomplishing tasks (4) 5) Keeping and interceding (11) 6) Sanctify myself for their sakes (19) 7) The chain up to you (20) B) Mission -1 prayer requests of Jesus, glory of Father and Son (5) 1) Authority and mission (Paul in Corinth) (2) 2) Knowing Jesus, the real point of missions (3) -lots of other good things, but…. -lots of ways to do this, but…. 3) Unity of Son and Father, don’t dumb it down (7-10) 4) Sending (18) -incarnation, service, humility, sacrifice, sheep among wolves (not easy, may be dangerous) 5) Don’t break the chain (20) 6) Unity as testimony and vision (23) 7) The desire of Christ to be seen in glory (24) C) Prayer of Jesus 1) Keep them in your name (11) 2) My joy to be complete in them (13) 3) Protect them from the evil one (15) 4) Sanctify them in the truth (17) 5) Unity (21) 6) The desire of Christ (24) 7) Father’s love to be in us (26) -what He doesn’t pray -plenty available for common usage -every time a believer dies…. -what love! Love of the Father for the Son in us….

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