Pastor Robert Jacobsen - August 21, 2022

Genesis 48 & 49 - Last Words and Blessing

I. Words of Blessing for Jacob’s Grandsons A. The Event 1. An Adopting of Grandkids 2. A Reversal of Honor B. The Lessons 1. God Blesses as He sees fit. 2. The Blessing of Knowing you are part of something bigger than yourself. 3. The Blessing of seeing your children be blessed. II. Words of Prophecy for Jacob’s Sons A. Anti-blessing for Leah’s 3 oldest. B. Different Blessings for the other brothers C. Special Blessing for Judah 1. Judah will Lead (v8) 2. Judah the Lion (v9) 3. Judah will Rule (v10) 4. Judah will usher in the dawn of a new age (v11-12)

From Series: "Genesis "


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