Pastor Robert Jacobsen - April 18, 2021

Genesis 6:1-8 The Days Before the Flood

I. Who are the sons of God? (v.2) A. Earthly Kings or Judges? B. Sethites? C. Supernatural beings? II. Why the 120 Years? (v.3) A. Shorting of life? B. Respite from the Flood? III. Who are the Nephilim? (v.4) A. Offspring of the sons of God? B. Giants? IV. Is man really that bad? (v.5) A. Was this hyperbole? B. Was this just a bad crop? V. Is God really that sad? (v.6) A. Didn’t God know this would happen? B. How could a loving God pour out his judgment like that? VI. How did Noah find favor in the eyes of the Lord?


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