Pastor Robert Jacobsen - February 29, 2016

1Timothy: Gospel Centered Leadership

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I Timothy: Pastor a Gospel Centered Church  Author: Paul to Timothy, Pastoring in Ephesus Gospel Centered Teaching (Chapter 1) Appose false Teachers (v. 3,4) Advance God’s Work (v. 4-7) Apply the Law correctly (v.8-11) Adore Christ’s Mercy (v.12-17) Gospel Centered Worship (ch.2) In Prayer In Order Gospel Centered Leadership (Ch.3) Elders Deacons Gospel Centered Living (3:14-6:21) Embracing God’s Good gifts (4:1-5) Extolling the blessing of Godliness (4:6-10) Encouragement to Timothy to use his Gifts and watch his life and doctrine (4:11-16) 4.Exhorting the elderly, widows, employees (5:1-6:2) 5. Final Encouragements (6:3-21)

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